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Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Possible New Multiplayer Maps

by Hafsa Asim

Halo infinite is going through another leak headline. After Halo infinite’s technical preview last week datatminers took on themselves to dig out any other possible detail that might have been missed. Following the quest, we have a trio of images that were shared by @HaloNoticiasMX on Twitter. We are assuming that these 3 images are a reveal of 343 Industries’ new map for multiplayer of the game. 

However, as with any other leak, we suggest that you take this news with a grain of salt, and wait for the official announcement from Xbox. 

The images can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Out of the trio, the second image is under speculation. It is suspected that the second image might be a map based on the city of New Mombasa. As per Game Rant, the city was destroyed in Halo 3: ODST, but Halo’s multiplayer maps have been explained as holographic training exercises. 

Essentially, this makes them somewhat akin to the X-Men’s Danger Room! Since this is an established bit of Halo lore, that would give 343 Industries the ability to include the location, despite its fate.

For the other two maps, one of them represents an interior location where food is grown, known as Aquarius. Whereas the other location is a massive outdoor location with an anti-aircraft cannon used by The Banished. 

It seems that this is it when it comes to interpreting these images, unfortunately, this is where we end as there’s not much to go on. 

Halo Infinite will release December 8th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. 

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