GTA Online Update Adds New Deadline Arenas, More Bonuses and Rewards
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GTA Online Update Adds New Deadline Arenas, More Bonuses, and Rewards

by Hafsa Asim

GTA online got some new updates in the form of new races in the summer updates and is getting similar content this week as Rockstar Games is adding Deadline arenas to the game. The developer Rockstar Games announced this Thursday that the seven new Deadline Arenas are now available for players in addition to the bonuses for those who will take part in the game mode. Players can earn a massive rebate of GTA $750,000 only if they play Deadline mode for a specific amount of time.

GTA Online new Arenas

Deadline mode new Arenas look somewhat familiar to players as they characterize different parts of the game’s Los Santos setting. You can triple the number of your rewards if you play Deadline now to the next week to check out the new Arenas.

Here’s what Rockstar games have to say about the new GTA online new Deadline Arenas, “they are brighter and explosive because of their neon lighting on the matching light-up helmets and jumpsuits which is the vision of future.” This look can be seen in the teaser of Deadline below.

We would highly recommend for you to play in the new Arenas at least once this week qualifying for the rebate mentioned above. For you to get GTA $750,000 rebate, you’ll have to play in the Arenas mode in addition to purchasing the Shotaro, which is 40 percent off right now.

The process to get access to arenas is described by Rockstar Games. It says to access your arena of choice by navigating from the jobs menu or launch straight into Deadline from the boot menu. The developers advise players to go around the Deadline Arenas and purchase Shotaro all before June 30 to get the GTA $750,000 rebate. If you were to log in after June 30, the rebate will be available 72 hours after the sign-in.

A Superyacht Life missions are also giving out triple rewards, when you tire of Deadline, while an Entourage will give out double. From now until next Thursday all the bonuses are available for players until something new drops or there are new updates.

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