GTA 6, the title everyone is waiting so impatiently for. Although no official confirmation has been given by Rockstar Games, rumors and reports continue to come. These rumors and facts have been collected by us so you can have everything you need to know about GTA 6 in one place.

GTA 6 release date: When is GTA 6 coming out?

GTA 6 release date: Reports and Rumors

All we know about GTA 6 release date is that it is still in early development and no official announcement has been made. There were speculations that the game could release as early as the end of 2020.

However, there are several reasons why this may not be true. First of all, as GTA Online is still thriving and even more so, after the free giveaway, it’s highly unlikely that Rockstar will release their next installment so quickly. Then we have this backed up by Darion Lowenstein, former Rockstar employee, and industry expert, who suggested that the game won’t be coming anytime before 2021.

With all these differences, it’s difficult to predict when exactly GTA 6 will launch but keeping facts and rumors insights, it’s quite apparent it won’t be coming any time this year.

GTA 6 trailer: when can I watch one?

Trailer leaks are something that is not common with a publisher like Rockstar. They are incredibly secretive when it comes to things like this. So a trailer won’t show up unless Rockstar wants it or unless someone messes up real bad.

This is exactly what happened with Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5. They got their announcement teased and just a few days later, we got the trailer.

So for the meantime, avoid those fake trailers as when the real one drops, you’ll know. Rockstar trailers have a way to make the internet explode and of course, if you still miss it somehow, like always we got you covered.

GTA 5 enhanced edition

GTA 6 release date: Reports and Rumors

A GTA 5 enhanced edition was announced for the PS5 by Sony. The game will be coming to the next generation with enhanced visuals and with improved performance.

GTA Online will also be making it’s way to the PS5, which looks like a good move considering how thriving GTA Online is right now. There will be content exclusive to the console and also a standalone version which would be made free for PS5 owners for the first three months.

Although this announcement will bring joy to the fans of GTA 5, it also means that GTA 6 won’t be coming anytime soon.

GTA 6: Where will the game take place?

GTA 6 release date: Reports and Rumors

There are no definitive reports out there suggesting a location, but everything we are hearing is suggesting that the map will be quite huge. It really seems that Rockstar is done with just playing around a single city, and decided to move on to bring locations that are as big as the United States.

GTA 6 expanding to the entirety of the US, is being backed up by quite many rumors, which also suggests that there might be some sort of fast travel method which will reduce traveling times.

There are also rumors turning up suggesting that the latest GTA might have a ‘70s theme. This would be fun to experience as it would be something entirely different for the fans.

Project Americas

A significant Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor stated that GTA 6 is being developed under the code name Project Americas. This rumor was brought in by Youtube channel The Know which also stated that the code name Project Americas was chosen because the game would allow you to travel between South America and the US.

Numerous rumours also stated that the game will focus on drug-running with you starting at the very bottom, making your way to the top. This would also help attract fans of shows like Narcos.

Main Characters

GTA 6 release date: Reports and Rumors

According to a former employee, the main characters will be:
Walther Wallace who is a driver.
Thomas Branigan who owns a smuggling plane titled ‘the Raven’.
A drug dealer named Marcus Burke.

These details have been reported by The Sun which also added, that the map will be styled similar to San Andreas.

So here’s everything we have gathered about the rumors, leaks, and speculations surrounding Rockstar’s next title, GTA 6. Like all rumors, this should be taken with more than a pinch of salt.

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