GTA 5 is the current week’s free Epic Games Store title, with Rockstar’s 2013 open world great accessible to download now from the online customer facing facade at no additional expense to you at all.

The free form on the Epic Game Store incorporates full access to the single-player battle, and its eager multiplayer partner, GTA Online, which keeps on being refreshed with normal substance drops and hotfixes on a week after week premise. You’ll likewise have the option to keep the game until the end of time.

Even better, the PC rendition is the place you’ll additionally have the option to access, share, or even make GTA 5 mods, of which there are many mind boggling ones to look over, both senseless and modern.

Epic Game Showcasing their Free Game of The week as a Mystery Game

Epic Game Showcased their Free Game of The week as a Mystery Game

The game as of late left Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass administration to be supplanted by Rockstar’s other present day perfect work of art, Red Dead Redemption 2, so the news that Los Santos is available to anybody by and by (but to those with a PC that can run GTA 5) is surely welcome.

This free pickup ought to likewise ideally mellow the blow encompassing ongoing reports that GTA 6 is just in the beginning times of advancement, and not – the same number of expected – near releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X sooner rather than later.

While the game is for all time yours when you’ve recovered it from the Epic Games Store, you just have a constrained measure of time to do as such, this week’s free game replaces it on May 21. So rush; Los Santos’ entryways won’t be open for eternity.

In case you’re going to play it, you’ll have to keep up on the week after week refreshes – that is the thing that our GTA online fix notes are for. If you want the steam version of GTA V, you can always buy that from us at the cheapest rates

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