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God of War Ragnarok Improves Prominent Flaws from 2018 Predecessor

by Sadaf Ahmed

God of War 2018 is considered to be a prominent game that defined the promising era of video games. This is one of those games which are evident by both its 94 on Metacritic and its commercial success. But most game analysts think that something’s missing from the big picture. The most important of which is the poorly conceived hub world. After the release of GoW Ragnarok, various flaws from the first game have been addressed by gaming enthusiasts and fans.

Where did God of War 2018 Lack?

Informing about the improvement made in the latest game, Eric Williams, the creative director of the game claimed that the aforementioned criticism of God of War 2018 was kept in consideration during the development process. The first game clearly lacked enemy variation, which was highly criticized by most gamers at the time of its release.

He also guaranteed that the team assures players will be impressed with the general cast of NPCs, characters, and enemies. Fans would not only observe many modes and settings expressing variation but also they’ll experience an element of surprise in gameplay.

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Creative Directors’ Interview

Renowned Youtuber Kaptain Kuba interviewed GoW’s creative directors where Eric Williams, alongside Cory Barlog, talked about this improvement to enemy variation and more.

For most people, just improving enemy variation isn’t a very big step. However, being so up-to-the-mark, the GoW franchise doesn’t require any room for major improvement. 

God of War Ragnarok

Since the reveal of GoW Ragnarok, analysts have criticized the game for following the predecessor’s gameplay lead, but you can’t drag it off track as it’s just inevitable. The game is in development for the PS4 and the PS5. There’s still no word of when the game will be released, but the current expectation is that it will be out sometime this year. However, the lack of a 2022 window has some PlayStation fans worried the game will Be released in 2023.

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