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GLITCHED: Taking a Quirky Turn To Heroistic RPGs in 2021

by Sadaf Ahmed

GLITCHED is a wild RPG with wall-breaking fun launched by the talented Indie developer En House Studios and publisher Digerati. This exciting game will be released to play of PC in E3 2021, and after that later version with also be revealed in the early 2022 including that of Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The developers announced that:

GLITCHED follows the story of Gus, an average NPC thrown into the role of hero when the appearance of mysterious glitches threatens the existence of his video game world. As he sets out on his adventure, he becomes aware of an invisible presence – you, the player!

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GLITCHED interesting offers an immersive and wide RPG experience with a whole new world ready to be explored, many hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled, hundreds of unusual characters to meet, endless decisions that change your perspectives, thousands of thoughtful dialogues and an opportunity to be deeply bonded with the characters. The game is part of the Steam Next Fest, and a demo is available to DOWNLOAD NOW from the game’s store pager.

About The Game

In development for what can reasonably be considered ‘a long time’, the humble beginnings of GLITCHED go back several years, as lead developer Nikko Koruna reveals

“During my sophomore year of high school, I made a small program in Computer Programming 101 where a pixel character would respond with swearing depending on which key you pressed. I started to imagine a video game world where the main character talks directly to the player, and from that GLITCHED was born.”

The concept of a friendship and relationship between the player and main character stuck with Koruna, and even as the game evolved it remained at the core of the experience. We are very excited to have a glitchy experience with the game. Are you?

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