Rumors hint towards a Ghost of Tsushima sequel: Ghost of Ikishima
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Rumors hint towards a Ghost of Tsushima sequel: Ghost of Ikishima

by Yasir Khan

Not long ago, Sucker Punch studios released Ghost of Tsushima, a game that would go on to not only win the Game of the Year but also 14 other awards. And now Sucker Punch may already be working on a possible sequel according to one of the studio members of Sucker Punch. Whether or not it’s a direct sequel or a spin-off title remains unclear for now. 

All of this speculation is based on a few things. It started with the Cinematic Creative Director of Sucker Punch, Dave Molloy, having a mention of working on a Ghost of Tsushima title for the PS5 on his LinkedIn account. Now the odd thing is that although players can play the open-world samurai game on the PS5 through backwards compatibility, the game hasn’t launched on Sony’s next-generation console. This hints that the title mentioned is a sequel to Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed title for the PS5. 

Sucker Punch is not done with Ghost of Tsushima

There’s another rumor by a Twitter user and Xboxera co-founder Shpeshal_Nick supports this claim and goes as far as saying that the title will be called the Ghost of Ikishima. Now although this news should be taken with a lot of salt, it’s clear that Sucker Punch is not done with the game. A full-fledged multiplayer was recently released for the game and even a move of Ghost of Tsushima is in the works. 

If the game releases it’s also possible that it’ll come out on the PS4 as well, given how Sony has said to make most of its titles cross-gen for as long as they can. It’ll also help Sony expand its list of titles on the PS5 and demonstrate how much more beautiful the game will look on the PS5 hardware. 

Ghost of Tsushima sequel release date

Considering how it’s just a rumor with no support, coupled with the fact Ghost of Tsushima came out a few months ago, it’s probably safe to say Ghost of Tsushima fans would have to wait a long time before getting any official teasers. 

In other news, Xbox is bringing a big title to its Game Pass on June 22. Read about it here.

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