For over the years there has been an ongoing discussion about what to buy; Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop? 

Most of the gamers prefer playing their favourite games on an enormous screen with high-resolution graphic cards and a custom-designed desk for that gaming feel. However, there have also been questions regarding buying gaming laptops instead of PCs. 

And why shouldn’t they? There has been a consistent growth in terms of gaming laptop sales. The cutting-edge advancements of GPUs, high-quality display resolutions, and high-speed processors can make anyone wonder. 

In short, there are few major factors to keep in mind while getting a gaming PC or laptop and we’re here to list out all the major differences so, in the end, you can make a decent choice. 

The GPU Power 

GPU specs are the foremost thing we want to know about when it comes to the gaming system. Where i9 or a Ryzen 7 can fit easily inside laptops, GPUs are a bit complicated in getting fit. 

PCs are known for massive graphic cards but as the laptops are light and portable, the graphic cards are likewise light and small. 

Size & weight: the GPUs that are engineered to fit inside the confined interior of laptops are the special mobile versions. Which are relatively small as compared to the ones that are placed in the gaming desktops. 

Temperature: GPUs run hot! Thus, the entire laptop’s overall cooling system is altered to cope up with the increased heat of graphic cards.

Performance: keeping the above points in mind, the limited size and excessive heat can be a problem. Mobile versions of GPU are weaker as compared to the desktop GPUs and even cost more.

There isn’t competition betwixt gaming laptop and PC when it comes to raw performance. Moreover, external GPUS can turn your gaming laptop around so if everything is under budget you can go for it. 

Other Components 

Desktops stood out in the GPU department but what about the other components? 

CPU: likewise, for laptop’s GPUs, both intel & AMD have mobile versioned processors. But again, they are weaker than their desktop components.

RAM: RAMS in laptops are comparatively less than RAMS in desktops. However, you can install additional RAM modules.

Storage: again, Laptops have limited space, but people can always either replace the HDD/SSD or accessing external storage

Gaming laptops have almost fewer specs as compared to gaming PCs but they are built according to how much the laptops can take. Moreover,  if you’re a person who isn’t a fan of massive components then you can go for the laptops are they are always portable! 

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Built-in displays, keyboards, mousepads, can work for you or even not. You can save up much in the case of peripherals when it comes to laptops. However, a 144 Hz gaming monitor or RGB mechanical keyboard can always capture your heart. 

Display: laptop’s 15-17inch HD screen with 60 Hz fresh rate is understandable since they have to fit in the bag comfortably while travelling. Nevertheless, higher resolutions, refresh rates require a monitor.

Keyboard: personally, I prefer a laptop’s keyboard for typing fast and PC’s keyboard for gaming. However, mechanical keyboards and backlighting aren’t rare to find in laptops for gaming either. 

Touchpads: we all know how difficult the touchpads of laptops are when it comes to gaming. The never-ending clicking and dragging always require a separate mouse unless you want to play with a controller.

Sound: laptops are a bit ahead when it comes to built-in speakers or microphones while gaming. Although if you prefer headphones, you won’t need to stress about buying a headset or a microphone. 


Gaming Pc

Last but not least, the question of flexibility. Let’s see who wins here; 

  • Customizability:

When it comes to customizing, desktops always give you a variety of options. You can open it up, adjust it, replace the components even and it won’t even take much time. 

Oppositely, the laptops require a delicate touch. They can be customized but it has to be done by the professionals through specialized tools and requires components that aren’t easy to find. 

  • Portability:

This option will always be owned by laptops. Gaming PCs are massive and obviously can’t be adjusted in the bags. As the only PC cases are alone heavier than laptops.

Moreover, gaming PCs have extended peripherals and cables which add more weight and hassle when moving a PC.

If you’re a frequent traveller, gaming laptops are obviously the best choice for you. Since they are light, portable, and the batteries can stand up to multiple hours. 

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The stated differences favour gaming PCs in terms of

  • Better price ratios
  • Better performance of CPUs, GPUs 
  • Choices of customizing, upgrading or repairing 

Whereas, laptop’s real advantage is its portability. If you’re a frequent traveller. Moreover, the external GPUs can be handy as they can be upgraded, and can be fitted under the portability aspect. 

In conclusion, hopefully, you can now figure out the question, gaming laptop Vs Gaming PC-Which one should I buy?

Zoha Abbas Rai

Zoha Abbas Rai

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