When PUBG Mobile came, it took the whole world by a storm. The game was already on PC but you had to purchase it and it required a beefy PC to run, not a luxury everyone had. When PUBG Mobille released, it changed everything. It was free, ran on most mid-range phones and could be played anywhere because of the portability. Recently PUBG mobile came under pretty heavy fire from the Pakistani government, so here we gathered some alternatives that will keep you occupied till your favourite game comes back online.

Games Similiar to PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty

5 Games like PUBG Mobile

Before the release of Call of Duty, the battle royale genre on mobile was mostly represented by two games, Fortnite and PUBG. Then came the franchise that has been giving us games that not only have engaging stories, but also memorable characters and a fun multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Mobile shows the same promise, as it has a huge amount of content and looks the most polished game in this genre when it comes to mobile phones. The battle royale mode includes a 100 player limit, vast area and tons of customizations, weapons and other characters to obtain. Although it came out fairly late, it simply competes with the best games in the genre.

Rules of Survival

If you want something that simply looks and feels like PUBG Mobile, then look no further than Rule of Survival. This game looks so much like PUBG Mobile that it even got in some legal trouble for some copyright issues. 

Right now, a total of 300 players get to play together on a 8×8 km map which is huge compared to what other battle royale genres are offering. Similar to PUBG there’s a squad mode too, where you team up with 4 people to compete against other teams. 

When it comes to optimization, it’s said to be better than most battle royale games. It has better buttons that are much more readable, improving your overall experience. Upto 280 million people are playing the game, why not give it a try. 

Knives Out

Knives out is another game that looks a lot much like PUBG. If we compare Rules of Survival and Knives out, Knives out has a lot more customization options than the latter. 

Knives Out offers a map filled with weapons, and 100 people to compete against. It’s much like PUBG in other aspects except the storage this game occupies. Most people choose this game over PUBG because of the 600 MB size. It helps those who don’t have much space to spare but would still like to enjoy the world of battle royale. 

There is though a downside that comes with the less data size, the compromise on graphics. The game doesn’t look bad, but it leans towards a more cartoony art style which PUBG players might not be a fan of. People have also reported some problems with the controls, 

Regardless, the game has quite successful in Japan, the place where the game made almost 80% of its earnings in 2018. 

Free Fire

5 Games like PUBG Mobile

Now you do like PUBG, but a single game feels too long. You need something more fast-paced, something that ends in a relatively small amount of time. If that’s what you are looking for, look no further than Free Fire.

Free Fire is similar to PUBG in a lot of its aspects just like the rest of the games in this list, except that it is a more compressed version of the game. We get 50 players in an island and a single game lasts 10 minutes.

The game doesn’t anywhere near PUBG when it comes to weapons, vehicles and graphics but the swift and somewhat easier gameplay makes this game a must-try. 


I know most of you must be thinking why we included Fortnite in this list when most PUBG players hate it. However, even though it didn’t have much success when it first launched, Fortnite has made a name for itself in the battle royale genre. The game allows up to 100 players to compete with each other using the wide collection of weapons the game offers.

The game is also popular for hosting many famous guest characters including John Wick, and Thanos (from the marvel universe). It also has a crafting element so if you are bored from how PUBG plays and want something different, Fortnite is the way to go. 

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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