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Fortnite Players Get to Choose Which Item Gets Unvaulted Next

by Hafsa Asim

Fortnite is allowing its players, once again after constructing some Turret Stations around the map, to spend their gold bars deciding which of the two items to unvault; The Rift-To-Go or the Shockwave Launcher. To come to a decision, players will need to donate more Gold Bars than the opposing side to have the item re-added to the game.

As said by Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games, that season 8 would be followed by other similar opportunities, like that of Turret Stations, throughout the rest of the season. The Rift-To-Go vs. Shockwave Launcher battle was announced on Tuesday, as the second donation series of season 8. Both of those items were unvaulted untimely in Fortnite this week, but they’ve since been removed until people can vote for one or the other. 

Fortnite: Rift-To-Go vs. Shockwave Launcher

For those who don’t know, Rift-to-go was added on Fortnite back in 2018, allowing players to create a Rift wherever the throwable lands. The Rift-To-Go is a compact Rift that can be conveyed in the inventory and sent right away. When it is activated, the player is transported into the sky and put in skydiving mode. 


Whereas, the shockwave launcher is known to shoot out shockwave grenades that don’t do any real damage as such, but do displace people who are hit by them.

Shocwave Launcher

As for when any of these items will be unvaulted, there is no official news of that yet. However, if we follow the logic of it, then this is entirely unpredictable, given that it is the first time it has happened. 

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