Last night, Epic Games released the most anticipated season 3 of Fortnite and it is breathtaking. The fans will be able to grab the season 3 Battle pass after downloading the update 13.0 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is all about diving in the flooded island led by the new oceanic comic hero, ‘The Aquaman’ followed by the updated Epic battle pass. Additionally, the new characters, items, and interest points have also been added. Moreover, the update 13.0 has fixed multiple bugs to provide you a free bug stream of epic Fortnite. However, the occurring crash was also reported after the use of the Emote Wheel. 

The Out Gamers have listed everything you need to know about the new version down below;


Welcome to the flooded island map:

Dive in the splashdown of the new updated version of Fortnite!

The rumors turned out to be true, the island map is now filled with water and has covered up most of the areas. The high elevated points are now drowning under the sea-level. Luckily, to get out of the situation, the fishing pole on a shark could be used to pull yourself from the water. Although be aware of the sharks as they might be dangerous but still, cool transport to surf on the water, right? 

Defend yourself from the new marauders:

Dive in the splashdown of the new updated version of Fortnite!

In the updated version, a new game play system has been introduced in the form of Marauders. They would present themselves as a threat by crashing down onto the island. As epic said, defend yourself from the new marauders and battle for your survival! 

Long-awaited Battle Pass: 

Dive in the splashdown of the new updated version of Fortnite!

The most prominent feature of updates is the battle pass of each season.  This season awaits you with the series of cosmetic extras, building umbrella, mighty skins, and much more; 

  • Mighty outfits and skins to make you crazy

After purchasing the pass you can have access to new Fade and ocean outfits. Of course, Jason Momoa is showing up but before that, you’ll have to complete the challenges till then you can get around new characters which have also been added to make the update more interesting. 

Secondly, after reaching level 100 you’ll be rewarded with the extra style of fade skin called Masked. Nevertheless, the Eternal Knight skin is waiting for you at the end of the Battle pass. Later on, you can add a touch of your customization into the skin and showcase the Eternal Knight representing your vibe. 

  • Time to build-a-brella! 

Along with riding sharks, you can now customize your victory umbrella. The feature build-a-brella allows you to add effects and even change the canopy color after availing the season 3 battle pass. However, it should be kept in mind that the changes would be permanent so choose wisely! 

Drive around the island:  

Dive in the splashdown of the new updated version of Fortnite!

New-season has been updated with the surprise vehicles which will be available after the water leaves the surface. Fortnite is all set to give you the thrills of discovering new ways to get around for sure. 

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue of floating pine tree, underwater matchmaking portals, unavailable settings of My Island, and problems in functioning player names and location have been fixed. 
  • Issue of illegal re-spawning, overlapped infinite loops, missing water texture on the island in the mobiles, and crash while getting on a feature island by using a matchmaking portal have been fixed. 
  • The error in stink bombs when thrown by the players in Midas outfit has been fixed. Moreover, the impression of an invisible collision left by the cozy campfire whenever a player would leave and rejoin the same island has been also fixed. 


With the fixed bugs the reports of new bugs in season 3 have also been reported. For now, the major problem is the sudden crash upon the usage of the Emote Wheel and epic is currently working on that. 

Moreover, the issues from mobile users have also been reported such as the closing of the swipe button or random appearance of landmark text on screens while discovering locations on the map and are being looked over. Till then, don’t stress yourself out and enjoy the new season because we Out Gamers are here to keep you updated about everything! 


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