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Fortnite: New Rick Sanchez Skin, and How to Get It

by Hafsa Asim

Yet another crossover with Rick and Morty as part of the battle royale game overall and the alien-themed season, Fortnite’s season 7 include Rick Sanchez outfit. Though it might be a while before players get access to the skin, as it is not something you get your hands on in early progression and the skin is locked behind the battle pass tiers.

The Rick skin from Rick and Morty was seen alongside Superman skin in the battle pass trailer for the new season. The skin itself is in fact hidden deep inside the battle pass. It can be founded on Page 10 of the season’s progression system, which means no one’s getting their hands on it in the early bird discount!

How to get Rick skin in Fortnite?

In order to get the skin, you’ll have to first reach Page 10 of that pass. That means that you need to claim 90 different rewards by reintroducing Battle Star system or you can just achieve that by reaching level 90 this season.

Finally, when you get to the tenth page in the battle pass, you will be acquainted with some of the different Rick and Morty stuff there. Not so surprisingly, Rick’s skin is the most costly amongst them as far as the Battle Star charges go. On the off chance that you plan on getting the Rick Sanchez skin as quickly as possible, you should fire setting aside your Battle Stars before you arrive at Page 10 to ensure you’re prepared to buy it.

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