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First Class Trouble Gives Classy Touch to Among Us, this Winter 2021

by Sadaf Ahmed

Among Us was undoubtedly the only game that was keeping all the extroverts around the world sane during lockdown 2020. However, for most people it was a pre-18 game, so, if you’re one of them looking for a classy option then the game is now revamped with a twist developed by Invisible Walls and published by Versus Evil. 

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First Class Trouble

First Class Trouble revolves around the same gameplay as Among Us, but only turning cute characters into classy people adding diversity to the game. Of course, the game is heavily inspired by InnerSloth’s famous, but there’s a bit of pomp and circumstance to proceedings here as six well-dressed individuals find themselves onboard a spaceship. However, the gaming rules and structure are still pretty much the same.


The story involves a luxury spaceship that faces an uprising issue with the AI from a rogue machine named C.A.I.N. Out of ten maximum players, four will have to stop the issue while the other two attempt to create hindrance within their plans. During the entire game, nobody would be quite sure who is on which team as the two imposters try to blend in with the crowd. 

First class trouble


First Class Trouble will be assigned the working team various tasks that should be performed to successfully shut down the rogue AI while the opposing team comes up with ways to sneakily take out every opposing player. Imposters can create environmental hazards like fire, bad wiring, and electricity issues.

Proximity chat will be enabled in the game for intercommunication among the players as you come into contact with them. They could give the game away by revealing their true intentions while they think they’re safe, or try to stick to a convincing lie and fool the enemy. In-game text chat and an emote wheel will also be available for expression.


The game can be playable on all consoles including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch and more. Fans will be able to get their hands on First Class Trouble on the holiday season, this 2021

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