The 2002 gangster genre hit Mafia 1 is getting remastered this year, here is everything we know about Mafia: Definitive Edition

Everything we know about Mafia: Definitive Edition-Release Date, Gameplay and Story

Release Date

Mafia definitive edition is set to release this year on September 25th, 2020. The game will release on PC, Xbox, and PS4. 2K Games has not yet announced if it will release on the next-gen consoles, but we can expect them to announce soon.


The Mafia series has always been narrative-driven; they did add some side content in Mafia 2 and 3. This time, they have added more than usual side content, including some clues explaining back story plots and period-appropriate collectibles like the Playboy magazine, rare cards, etc. The gameplay has been fully redesigned while keeping the story and essential missions accurate to its predecessor. They have added some new vehicles and weapons used by the 1930s gangsters, which were not in the 2002 title. The city has been redesigned at some points, and a new lighting engine has been added.


The 14 minutes official gameplay is looking promising as it includes one of the most iconic missions in the game, “A trip to the country.” The atmosphere seems captivating and immersive, the AI of NPCs look excellent, and the mission overall looks top notch.


Set in the New Orleans inspired New Bordeaux of 1968, this year’s title will have the same story line, same characters and same missions as the original game. Our protagonist is still Tommy Angelo, who is a local cab driver of lost haven. By fate, he falls in the mob due and now has the goal in mind to run his illegal business of manufacturing, transporting, and selling intoxicating liquor. All the fan-favorite side characters are also returning, such as Tommy’s friend’s Paulie and Sam, the love of his life Sarah and his mob boss Saleiri. The story isn’t anything new, but it is made in such a way that it feels like a unique experience.

Everything we know about Mafia: Definitive Edition-Release Date, Gameplay and Story

Pre-Purchase Mafia: Definitive Edition

If you are a fan of the Mafia franchise, make sure to pre-order the game from steam

Is it going to surpass its predecessors?

The first two installments of the Mafia franchise are considered as the best open-world Mafia themed games of all time. Even in the early 2000s, the games were ahead of their time. The story lines were engaging and original compared to the other games of this genre. Mafia 2 is the most successful and apprized title from the trilogy. The Definitive edition consists of the best features from all three games. 2K games is trying its best to provide the fans with the best game possible. As the game is more of a remaster than a remake, we know that the story will not disappoint.

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2K Games

2k Games studios has been providing us with quality games for the past decade, but their quality has recently dropped. The latest titles are looking sloppy and unfinished, and the studio has been receiving a lot of negative feedback due to their bug-riddled games. WWE has a broken partnership with 2K games after the backlash from the fans. Overall the studio has been providing quality entertainment for years, but their recent endeavors have been questionable.


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