Just a while ago, Rocket League went free on the Epic Games Store and now Epic Games is giving people an even bigger incentive to download the game. They are offering $10 which you can spend on the Epic Games Store. You must claim the coupon before October 23rd, 11AM ET. The coupon itself should be used before November 1st at 3PM ET. 

Epic Games offering $10 to anyone who downloads Rocket League for a limited time

There has been no official statement by Epic Games on why they decided to offer $10 coupons but most people are guessing it’s to divert the traffic from Steam. Rocket League can also be no longer download from Steam and the only way to play now is to download through the Epic Games store. However, people who already owned the game on Steam can keep playing through Steam with all the new updates and features. 

Epic Games has been doing this for some time now

Recently Epic Games caused a storm when it offered a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V on its platform. The amount of traffic they received cause their servers to crash for quite some time. Epic Games is also giving away free games from time to time some of which included Watch Dogs 2, Hitman and Just Cause 4.   

Moreover, apart from offering free games, Epic Games has also been making deals to get games to be time exclusive on their platforms. One prime example of this exclusivity is Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds is still yet to be released on Steam where it is still marked as 2020 to be the game’s release date.  

A new season 

When Rocket League went free to play, Psyonix also launched a new competitive season. This season was named Season One, implying how it’s a new start for the game. There will also be a new Rocket Pass and Steam users can use their Steam wallet to purchase Credits which can either be used to buy items from the store or to get your hands on the premium pass.


How will Steam users get the $10? 

Steam users who have linked their accounts to their Epic Games Account can still get their hand’s on the  $10 Epic Store coupon. All they need to do is to download the Epic Games Store version of Rocket League and they’ll get the $10 coupon. They can still keep playing from their Steam Account afterwards.

Keep in mind the coupon can be gained by downloading Rocket League from the Epic Games Store before October 23rd and then it should be used no longer than November 1st. The coupon can also be used on things that cost at least $14.99. Still, it’s a nice treat to have considering you are already getting Rocket League for free.  You can download the game from here.

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Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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