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Elden Ring Is Coming To Your Consoles, This Summer Games Fest 2021

by Sadaf Ahmed

Elden Ring seemed to look like an endless era of leaks, postpones, teases, and silences, after the manufacturers From Softwares announced its reveal back in 2019. However, we’re happily cracking this big news that this super-hyped action role-playing game has finally gotten an amazing re-reveal at Summer Games Fest 2021.

Elden Ring – E3 2019 Trailer

This game has been predicted or leaked by many industry divers for over 2 years. During the Summer Games Fest 2021, Elden Ring was shown off in all of its glory that energized the fans creating a new enthusiasm. Software and R. R. Martin have unveiled the game through this mesmerizing trailer, revealing that the game will be releasing on January 21, 2022.

Official Gameplay

While the trailer has kept the entire Soulsborne community on their toes, From Software hasn’t receded from maintaining the aura of mystery around the game. From the looks of it, Soulsborne players will be immediately nostalgic of other games in the genre, with fire-breathing dragons, flashy weapons, bonfires, and gigantic bosses.

However, it seems like there is much more to Elden Ring as compared to other Soulsborne games. The sheer diversity in the environment suggests that the game could be at a potentially larger scale than other Souls games. With just under a year to go for the game to release, Soulsborne fans have a lot to look forward to in the days to come.

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