Do you remember fighting a battle of martial arts under the shadows of sufficiently large and hungry dragons or skating around the streets when there was a war going on between vicious plants and zombies? Because we do.

EA has just recommended the top 4 hot games of the month and it’s time to get inspired and play the iconic games again! It doesn’t matter if you still haven’t played the following games because it’s a time to challenge yourself with extra thrills. 


EA Sports UFC 3 is the most iconic realistic fighting game. Jump in the octagon and experience the chance of becoming a professional fighter. The game has the advanced Real Player Motion Tech, which makes battle movements authentic and responsive to smooth sports gaming. Further, the option of creating fighters with the signature moves of real UFC fighters is jaw-dropping. 

What’s new? 

  • The gameplay technology has transformed into providing you a chance of having a fight of a lifetime by adding over 5,000 new animations in UFC 3. The animations are powered by innovative RPM Tech from EA Sports. 
  • Be the G.O.A.T by building fighting hype inside and outside the octagon. Become the star of the world through publicity, fan following, and winning cash by signing enormous agreements. 
  • Make your own rules in all-new tournament mode after earning bragging rights. Challenge your friends and show them the real champion. 

Step down into the world of Thedas where a calamitous event takes place and turns the land upside down. Dragons obscure the sky and become a shadow over grounds near the very edge of mayhem. Mages break into a full-scale war against the abusive knights. Countries ascend against each other. Now it depends upon you and your partners to undo the damage while leading the Inquisition and killing the agents of chaos. 

Test your skills of exploring, leading, and fighting in BioWare’s classic fantasy RPG adventure, winner of multiple Game of the Year awards. However, be careful since one wrong decision can feasibly become the reason of your extinction. 

  1. SKATE 3 

Hands down to the award-winning Skate franchise for brining back the Skate 3 and delivering the bewildering experience of skateboarding. Embrace yourself for challenging the enemies online and shredding the streets of all-new skater’s paradise of Port Caverton. Further, you can even practice and master your skateboarding skills in an all-new skate school before teaming up. Exciting, right? 

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Game Features: 

  • Complete the online missions, built the skate parks, download your graphics, form teams, and sell your skateboards to become a skate industry mogul. 
  • Master your shredding skills in the skate school and have a riff-off with rival teams online. 
  • Try dark sliding and under flipping in the all-new skate Mecca, Port Caverton, and explore the amusing skate parks, district plazas, and never-ending lines. 
  • Brutalize your skates in the harshest ways possible with new total body control bails and scare lives out of your rivals. 

EA’s Recommended 4 Nostalgic Games Of The Month

Take part in the never-ending war of plants vs zombies-the craziest battle to exist. The revolutionary award-winning franchise is welcoming you to Suburbia and fight by teaming up or going against viscous plants or dreadful zombies simultaneously. The war is becoming serious, you’ll have an option to choose from 14 classes with over 100 characters. Now is the time to step in and kick some grass!

Game Features: 

  • The background battleground feature enables you to customize your character abilities. You can select co-op or multiplayer action modes, play quests, and even invite 3+ friends in the backyard to battle or even throw a party.
  • Garden warfare is going on in Suburbia, hence you may select from 6 online multi-player game modes & 2 co-op modes for 4 players. You’ll have an option to play cooperatively or competitively. 
  • In this botanical battle unlock 6 new characters with 14 classes and 100+ playable plants and zombies summoned from the past, present and future! 
  • Go solo against AI opponents or local in split-screen with no membership required. *Split-Screen is accessible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users only. 
  • All new 12 maps are accessible, each one is hiding secrets that you can discover. 

Skateboarding in the streets, dragons over-shadowing you while you run for your life, breaking bones in the octagon, and witnessing plants killing zombies in a war-zone. What else you could ask for? Pick up your consoles right now and have a perfect summer of gaming! 

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