Demon’s Souls remake has been announced for the next-generation PS5. This news will please fans who have mastered all the Dark Souls games, made every boss suffer and yet, are still craving for more.

It is important to note that this is no mere remaster, but the complete game is being remade to bring the game back to life with stunning visuals, harnessing the powerful hardware of the next-generation console.
Demon’s Souls remake trailer was revealed during the PS5 Future of Gaming event. Have a look at the trailer if you haven’t already:

Credits: PlayStation

Demon’s Souls is the game that spawned an entire genre, having games like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne following right into its footsteps. The news of the remake of Demon’s Souls also sparked rumors that Bloodborne was also getting a remaster and would be brought to PC and the PS5. This is just speculation as no official news has been given.

As for Demon’s Souls, the game is said to be a PS5 exclusive, and for now, there’s no news if the game will be brought to PC.

What is Demon’s Souls?

Demon's Souls gets a PS5 Remake with Breathtaking visualsIf you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Demon’s Souls is then don’t worry we got you covered.

Developed by FromSoftware for the PS3, Demon’s Souls is the first game which had souls like combat. A lone warrior is left in the Kingdom of Boletaria to fight against powerful demons who rely on feasting of souls to elevate their power.

The game was released in 2009 and became a cult classic. As fans wanted more, FromSoftware then came up with Dark Souls, which was a spiritual processor and was ported on multiple platforms. The Dark Souls series was a success, and later FromSoftware developed many titles to follow with the same basic concept, epic boss fights and an extreme level of difficulty.

Demon’s Souls never got a direct sequel, but FromSoftware did work with Japan Studio again to bring another exclusive, Bloodborne.

Why was a remake of Demon’s Souls necessary?

Demon's Souls gets a PS5 Remake with Breathtaking visuals

Demon’s Souls is a masterpiece, but it is a generation old, which makes its mechanics quite rough and unpolished compared to what we see in the latest FromSoftware games. Many players who are now familiar with the likes of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne may not have played Demon’s Souls as a lot of time has passed since it was first released. This is precisely why a remake is a perfect decision to bring this gem back to life with high-quality graphics and maybe slight changes on the mechanics.

It would be fascinating to watch FromSoftware’s latest game Elden Ring, and it’s first game in the Souls series to be on the same next-generation console.

Will Demon’s Souls Remake hinder Elden Ring’s development?

Demon's Souls gets a PS5 Remake with Breathtaking visuals

The answer is no, and the reason is simple, FromSoftware is not handling the Demon’s Soul remake. The game will be in the hands of Bluepoint Games, a studio that is famous for bringing classic video games to the current generation with high-quality visuals.

Their most recent work was to bring Shadow of the Colossus to the PS4. The game also received a complete remake by keeping the core mechanics of the game and improving the visuals of the 2005 title, making environments more vibrant and plentiful.

Bluepoint has a good reputation when it comes to remasters, and both old and new fans love their work. So although FromSoftware is having a hands-off approach on the Demon’s Souls remake, fans shouldn’t worry too much.

Sadly, we didn’t get to watch any game-play footage, but the cinematic in the trailer looked stunning. Get ready to massacre your DualSense controller as you keep getting beaten down by those glorious bosses.

It’ll be sometime before Demon’s Souls releases, till then why not keep yourself occupied from Sony’s latest PS4 title, The Last of Us 2. Be sure to visit here as we explain how the difficulty setting works.

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