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Death Stranding Director’s Cut to be Released on PS5

by Sadaf Ahmed

One of the extremely baffling and mysterious games we’ve experienced in the recent past is none other than the Death Stranding. Having mesmerizing gameplay, we are on an astonishing journey in the dark future across the USA. Its bizarre story and indulging support keep you engaged with the game.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding has been labeled among some highly impressive games according to graphics and visual representation been launched on the PlayStation 4. This game gave a boost to the console when it reached its actual diminishing years. Yet the makers are launching the second release of the game as part of a litany of reveals from Summer Games Fest, however, this time it will be released on PlayStation 5.

The game to be launched in the Summer Game Fest has been given the label that represents the director Hideo Kojima taking control of the game which will be called Death Stranding Director’s Cut. As we haven’t gotten much information about the gameplay of the recent release, thus we can’t compare it with the original game and what will it bring to us.

Death Stranding Trailer

The teaser for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut was revealed during Summer Games Fest’s live kickoff stream, where Sony referenced Kojima’s famous Metal Gear Solid franchise and its many cardboard box-based shenanigans, but that’s all a misdirect before the title reveal.

You just have to wait for a few weeks to watch the full reveal of the project, however, some gaming analysts have made their educated guesses. The most interesting one was the latest version of Death Stranding that’ll be released on PS5 will presumably run at a higher resolution with a likely higher frame rate to go with it.

If you have carefully observed the teaser then you can detect the enhanced graphics to go with those bumps or better draw distances. Moreover, there are high chances of additional gameplay and extra content. You can expect some parts of the games restored from the cutting room implying that it is a genuine Director’s Cut, which makes it more interesting to play. But for now, this review is to be continued as far as a timeline goes as Death Stranding will surely be one to keep an eye on.

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