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Dark Souls 3 Gets Major Upgrade on Xbox Series X

by Hafsa Asim

Dark souls 3 has gotten a new upgrade on Xbox series X and S, making it the only latest game from the last-gen video game console to receive an upgrade. The update has successfully improved the game’s performance allowing it to do twice as better as before. While the new Dark Soul 3 upgrade might not seem like something grand, it is one of the most desired wish-come-true moments for fans.


Xbox announced in a tweet that Dark Souls 3 has gotten the latest FBS Boost treatment on Xbox Series X and S. What it means is that the game will be able to utilize the stronger power offered by the new-gen consoles, ultimately allowing the game to perform better. Compared to the 30 frames per second on Xbox One, the new performance at a higher level would allow the game to hit 60 frames per second. As can be noticed, Xbox is giving out upgrades of similar types since the release of the next-gen consoles, and Dark souls 3 is the newest title to receive the update.

Since the entire dark souls’ franchise depends on quick responses, this update is turning out to be a big deal. The new frame has definitely increased the quality of the game, making it more desirable among players. Regardless of what you might think of this update, the dark souls’ franchise and some other titles (other souls alike) have been asking for this update for a long time, and getting it has been significant for the franchise.

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