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Dark Deity Review: Desktop Fire Emblem

by Hafsa Asim

Dark Deity is coming to the PC. It seems developer Sword and Axe and publisher Freedom Games are bringing Nintendo’s classic Fire Emblem series to desktop. Having said that, we should be aware that many things might tilt the scales of Dark Deity for Fire Emblem fans as it makes an intro to strategy RPG without any hassles.

Dark Deity is a strategy roleplaying game, which will let players control a group of heroes as they go through different battles, defeating the enemies and powering through character-led chronicles. The most intriguing part of the game is a turn-based combat system. The players are free to perform actions, move each of their heroes, lead attacks, and utilize all the “superpowers”. The battle scenarios are typical with a large number of enemies awaiting your arrival with various weapons that react uniquely to each hero.

Every hero owns and carries four different weapons each time they travel. The weapons are of their choosing and stats and are used to make important decisions. The weapons might be old news for players who have managed to snag Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon’s limited release, but the Dark Deity is a step further by allowing the players to choose the weapon of their choice.

It is a well-known fact about strategy RPG that their success is based on their combat systems, and this game has done a good job of providing players with enough tactical choices and various mission types to keep things exciting.

Heroes and weapons

As mentioned before every hero has a different weapon at his or her disposal with different and unique accuracy, weight, strength, and critical hit chance. Other aspects, such as weapon speed are also responsible for affecting the number of attacks at each turn. Positioning heroes are responsible for using their skills and weapons to wipe out incoming attacks, save the ranged fighters, and max out critical hit chances. While some fights are prone to get tougher, it is a challenge worth taking. Since Dark Deity throws so much in for the players that difficult fights seem hardly frustrating.

Dark Deity Narrative

Apart from the combat systems, the narrative is the other major part needed for the success of an RPG. Narrative of a game is certainly some tricky business as rough and disorderly writings or translation can destroy a gaming experience since players are unable to connect to their heroes. However, you have nothing to worry about as dark deity writing is competent and every character is different from each other, and most of the genre prototypes are present; from the happy-go-lucky to proficient and skilled fighters to matronly big sister.

Since engaging in dialogues in between actions is the core hero management of the game, it is a good thing that the narrative plays out well. Players were expected to manage inventory, magic powers, skills, and grave wounds, which lowered the hero’s status after defeat.

The game fulfills the expectations quite nicely and the fans of the Fire emblem and the fans of dark deity have a lot to offer. For new players wanting to try out strategy RPG, the dark deity is a good point to start your career.

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