KONAMI announces a new Contra game with several Pre-registration bonuses
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KONAMI announces a new Contra game with several Pre-registration bonuses

by Yasir Khan

Contra, a classic game that is responsible for many of our childhood memories, is making a comeback after 3 complete decades. Given the game’s nature, KONAMI has decided to release the game for the mobile platform where it will be accessible to a larger audience. KONAMI has teamed up with Timi studios, which is a part of Tencent games to make the game possible. The latter is incredibly famous for its mobile games both in and outside of China. 

The gameplay

Contra Returns, just like the OG Contra, is a side-scrolling shooting game. This smartphone sequel will maintain the essence of the game while also bringing several new features and great graphics. There will be new game modes in Contra Returns, such as new life mode, 1v1, and 3v3, and more than 200 levels. 

“In Contra Returns, players can enjoy the classic side-scrolling gameplay, two-person teams, alien bosses, and signature settings and soundtrack from the original series! All with updated HD resolution, 3D character models”.

Contra Returns website

Players will be able to choose from a total of 8 characters and both the characters and their weapons will be customizable. The roster will include classic characters such as Lance Bean, Bill Rizer and Brad Fang the werewolf. 

Release date

The game is set for a global release on 26 July 2021. You can watch the trailer right here: 

Contra Returns pre-registration with extra bonuses 

The game is now up for pre-registration and the process is simple. Both Android and Apple device owners will need to go to their respective app stores and Pre-register from there. 

Pre-registration will come with extra bonuses which will keep on increasing according to the total number of signups. The highest award will be available at over 8 million sign-ups. 

Do note that some regions are excluded from Pre-registration and will have to wait for the global release on 26 July 2021. 

In other news, Ubisoft dropped a tease for Far Cry 7. Check it out here.

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