The stadium explodes, the train arrives, and the fight goes on as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s season 5 starts today.


The season has been leaked and teased for several weeks, and unlike season 4 will not be delayed. This season is packed with new map changes, weapons, operators, multiplayer maps, and many other minor changes in Warzone. Activision released three teaser trailers to 3 YouTubers/streamers who are Jackfrags, Nickmercs, and Teepee. The update schedule of Activision used to be a mid-day on Tuesdays and Fridays but now has been shifted to night to reduce server load. PS4 players were able to download the update yesterday, but the servers were unreachable till today.

New Weapons and Operators

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 5 starts today

CREDIT: Activision

As per usual, the new season brings new content with it. This time we get to see a new fraction “Shadow Company,” as seen in the trailer. The three operators that are the members of this fraction are:

  • Rose
  • Lerch (who is based on a real-life Ex-military tactician Tony Sentemant)  
  • Velikan

We might see a new operator after the mid season update

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 5 starts today

The guns that we are getting in this season are

  • An 94 (Assault Rifle)
  • ISO (SMG)
  • Dual Kodachis ( dual-wielded melee weapon)

The classic bolt action sniper R700 from the MW series has been leaked and might come later this season.


Map Changes

The map changes aren’t drastic but surely will change the hot drops for some time as the roof of the stadium has been blown off, allowing the players to access it. the following are all the changes in the current map:

  1. Stadium Access
    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 5 starts today

    CREDIT: Activision

  2. Grappling/Zip-lines to the exterior of a more massive infrastructure
  3. A moving train with mounted machine guns
    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’s Season 5 starts today

    CREDIT: Activision

  4. Train station interior opens up

The roadmap suggests a mid season event of some sort, and we can expect some new locations to be added after that.

New Modes and Multiplayer Maps

  • In the ground war, we will get Verdansk International airport and livestock for gunfights.
  • The DLC maps will be Petrov oil rig and Suldal Harbour, this time they have not announced the mid season update maps, and have kept them a secret for now.
  • We will get new multiplayer modes such as bare bones, search and destroy double down and ground war reinforced
  • For Warzone we will get Mini royale and kingslayer

Hackers and What can we expect in the Mid-season Update

The game’s only problem is its battle eye. The hackers are in all modes and every other leader board. The ban wave comes every now and then but seems not to affect the overall reduction of hackers. The studio has announced that they are trying their best to deal with the exploits in their battle eye. The community is anxiously waiting for the studio to make a final and solid step against such individuals.

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Mid-Season Update

This season has been rumored to be the last season for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so we can expect the midseason update to bring some juicy content with it as there are various loose ends right now. Warzone has been confirmed to be connected with the new Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold war, so we can expect future updates for it.

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