The new Call of Duty 2020 has been seemingly leaked through a packet of Doritos, and the title of the game will be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The name implies that the next Call of Duty will be set during the Cold War. 

This confirms the rumours that have been circling the internet for a while, claiming that the next instalment in the series would be set during the times of the Cold War. 

Leaked Image

Promotional material printed on a packet of Doritos is the reason the game got leaked. Do take this with a grain of salt as Activision developers have verified none of this. The leaked images made their way through the internet and circulated through all social media platforms where many people seem to agree on the legitimacy of the photos.  

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leaked through a packet of Doritos

As you can see in the picture, nothing more than the game’s title and logo has been revealed. However, the leak does show how long the promotion will run, giving us a release window for the game. The promotion will be running from 5 October to 21 October, giving us an idea when Call of Duty: Cold War will be releasing. 

Roughly once a year, we get a new Call of Duty by Activision, and when it comes to the accuracy of the rumour regarding the release window, it seems pretty on point considering how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hit our shelves on 25 October. 

Additionally, This is not the first time a game has been leaked through promotional merchandise. Assassin’s Creed: Origins was also leaked through a promotional t-shirt back in 2017. 

Possible names of Multiplayer Maps and Campaign?

CharleIntel also presented a report which said that some of the data miners have been able to pinpoint the names of the Multiplayer and Campaign maps which will be used in Call of Duty: Cold War.  


Multiplayer Maps

Warzone Leaks

K.G.B. (Russia) Black Sea Duga
Siege (Russia) Cartel Forest
Yamantau (Russia) K.G.B Russia
Takedown (Side Mission) Miami Ski Slopes
Tundra (Side Mission Moscow
Hub (Germany) Satellite
Hub 8 (Germany) Tank
Stakeout (Germany) Tundra
Armada (Vietnam)
Prisoner (Vietnam)
Revolucion (Nicaragua)
Amerika (Russia)
Duga (Russia)


Since Activision has confirmed absolutely nothing about the new Call of Duty, so all these rumours should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Leaked Call of Duty: Cold War Gameplay Video

The leaked footage is in the alpha stage, so do not expect a smooth and fully-functioning display. But, it does give us an idea of where the game is heading, at this stage of development.

The footage you are about to see right now is purely in alpha stage, so don’t expect much. However, the footage does help in giving an idea of what is going on with the new Call of Duty. 

Activision has still stayed silent on the leaked video so just like other rumours, keep your suspicions up. But Activision has been busy deleting all the sources of the video it can find, suggesting there might be some truth in there.   

Activision and Treyarch have still not commented on the leaked video, and like all leaks, it should be enjoyed with caution. However, Activision is trying to erase traces of the 45-minute video, so there might be some truth in this story.


The leaks only tell us of a flame thrower, so nothing much about the new weapons have yet been found. But if the latest Call of Duty is set during the Cold War, these are the types of weapons you can expect to see. 



M1 Carbine




PK Machine Gun




Zastava M76

Like all rumours, enjoy all this with a little doubt. If you are looking to top the charts in the multiplayer maps, be sure to get yourself a reliable mouse. Here’s our gaming mouse list all under 3k. 


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