Call of Duty 2021: Unreleased Footage Reportedly Leaks New Details
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Call of Duty 2021: Unreleased Footage Reportedly Leaks New Details

by Hafsa Asim

Some unreleased footage has been leaked and a Call of Duty insider has revealed some new COD 2021 details. Unfortunately, the insider never shared that footage but did put out the summarized version of what they saw, which sounds like only a sliver of the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, a PS5 game that has yet to be publicized but is anticipated to come out this holiday season.

A prominent leaker and insider of the COD franchise, MW2 OG, put out the details and confirmed that COD: Vanguard is set in world war II  which is in plain dissimilarity to the 2042 setting of Battlefield 2042.

From what is being implemented, the game’s heads-up display looks like 2008’s installment of Call of Duty: World at War. In the little bit of gameplay that was seen by MW2 OG, they got a look at a few weapons, namely, the Kar 98, a WW2-era trench shotgun, and Molotovs.

Call of Duty: World at War
COD Moltov

Sadly, this is where the details of the unreleased footage end, but MW2 OG has relayed words that the popular mode headquarters might be coming back with this year’s installment. However, this wasn’t seen in the footage.

For now, we would suggest not take everything too literally and wait for some official news. Although MW2 OG has built a reputation as a consistent insider, none of the other reliable insiders has given out the same information. As always no glimpse of the actual footage was released.

As expected, publisher Activision has said nothing over the “leaked” footage or the rumors surrounding the game. There never has been any comment from the publishers regarding any leaks or speculation. However, if there is any official news regarding the “leaked footage” then we’ll update the story accordingly.

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