Gaming headsets can come quite expensive and if luck’s not on your side, break quite easily too. However, if you don’t want to empty your wallet on a gaming headset, budget options might be worth your money. They take many features from their far more expensive siblings and also look the part. Here we got the best budget options lined up for you. 

Sades SA902

Best gaming headsets under 5000

The Sades SA902 is a very good all-rounder in this list. It has elements that are coloured in bright red, which contrasts well against the black. LEDs are also there to add to the gaming aesthetic. Moreover, you get a headband and cushions that are comfortable enough while also efficient in minimizing background noise.   

According to the manufacturer, you also get 7.1 virtual surround sound with separately adjustable levels so the sound could be changed as you see fit. Macs and PC’s have no problem connecting with the headset. Unfortunately, it won’t work with consoles such as the Xbox One or the PS4.  

Nubwo N2

Best gaming headsets under 5000

If you want headphones that are easily compatible with consoles such as the Xbox One, PS4, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch, then Nubwo N2 are the way to go. They also connect to the PC with no problems. Gaming aesthetics are nicely done with the matte black finish and slight hints of red, along with the wolf logo that completes the design.  

The ear cups are stuffed with memory foam which reduces outside noise and adds comfort. You also get a volume adjuster on the ear cup, which is nice to have and make things a lot convenient. The wire is 1.6 meters long and tangle-free. The sound is very clear, so people who lean more to the heavy bass side may have to use an equalizer. Overall these pair are a good value for money. 

Beexcellent GM-500

Best gaming headsets under 5000

The Beexcellent GM-500 has a modern and ergonomic design. There are also LEDs on the sides, which gives it a look a gaming headset must-have. These headsets are also quite lightweight, making them cause no problems while wearing. The headband is also made of a material which is quite sturdy while at the same time self-adjusting. The mic is movable, providing further convenience. 

The memory foam makes sure your ears don’t get sore during those long gaming hours. When it comes to the sound, the headset performs impressively. The 50mm drivers aid in providing detailed sounds. The sound doesn’t distort when the bass hits and the speakers are powerful. Noise cancellation is where this headset lacks. There is noise cancellation, but it’s not perfect.  

Kotion G9000 gaming headset

Best gaming headsets under 5000

The Kotion G9000 is no stranger to budget buyers. First look at the headset shows how they are made with the average gamer in mind. The neon blue LED lights add to the stylish design. The wire and the headband look and feel durable. The compatibility range is also wide as it can connecting to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, PSP, Computer, and Mobile Phone  

The Kotion G9000 comes with a 40mm magnetic neodymium driver which gives you quite reasonable treble with exceptional acoustics. The mic also offers some level of noise cancellation.  


Best gaming headsets under 5000

The MPOW EG3 PRO is a lightweight headset which features an impressive design and comes with a seven feet long cord. Most of the headset is built-in metal with the ear cups having a composition of soft leather. The 50 mm drivers make sure your sound quality stays exceptional. The microphone is also super adjustable further adding to the convenience.  

Considering the budget you can find them in; you get a 7.1 surround system which can controversially help you better pinpoint the location of enemies when playing a competitive game. The MPOW EG3 PRO also offers a deeper-toned bass, which can be somewhat of a bother if it’s not your thing. The sound absorption is impressive, and the mic offers good noise cancellation too. Do note that you have to set the 7.1 surround system yourself, as your pc won’t do it for you.

If you have the cash to spend then you better look at the best headsets, such as Razer and HyperX, under 10k.  


Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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