Budget Gaming PC has always been in demand and due to this lockdown, a lot of gamers have actually invested a lot of money in buying a gaming PC just to pass time during this pandemic. But their is a problem. The problem is that whenever some buys a budget gaming PC which is comprised of mostly used PC parts, they end up getting the wrong things at the wrong price. So here is a guide for you which will tell you what are the minimum specs of a gaming PC you can get under Rs 30000, Rs 40000 and Rs 50000 in Pakistan.

The below embedded video will be helpful for you in determining that. Hopefully you will enjoy it.


The PC discussed in the above video has the following specifications.

Firstly let’s talk about Rs 30000 Budget Gaming PC:

Well as far as the prices are concerned, they have sky rocketed due to increase in demand during this pandemic but you can expect these things in your build. Starting with the processor, in this build you will have 2 options to choose from, whether you can go for an i5 2nd Generation processor with 4 cores and 4 threads or you can have a Xeon 1225 processor which has the same specs as i5 2nd generation but due to its multitasking properties, it gives better performance.

Now come the motherboard on which everything will be connected. In this build you will get a very nominal motherboard LGA 1150 which is capable of supporting your processor and GPU. You will also get 8 GB DDR3 RAM and a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive. You can opt to buy either a new RAM or HDD or you can go with the used ones too. Used RAM won’t create problems for you but maybe the hard drive will not work well as a lot of vendors provide you with hard drives that have been used very roughly in the past in cheap rates and this affects your PC performance. So I would recommend you buy a new hard drive for your PC.

Here comes the main component, GPU. In this range, you might get an RX 560 4 GB Graphics card which is capable or running almost every new, old and upcoming games very easily. It would be accompanied by a 450 watt Power Supply Unit and a normal casing to fit these items.

Personally if your budget is very restraint, these are the best options you have currently.


Rs 40000 Budget Gaming PC:

In this build, a lot options are now available for you to choose from. Beginning with processor, you can expect an i5 4th gen processor with 4 cores and 4 threads and very good speed. If you are lucky, you might also get an i7 3rd Gen processor, but that may increase your budget a little bit.

The motherboard with this build can be a Gigabyte H81 or MSI H81 motherboard. Both are almost same with 2 ram slots, support for 3rd and 4th gen processors, USB 3.0 ports and SATA 6 GB ports to connect an SSD. The RAM and Hard Drive would be the same which is 8 GB DDR3 new or used ram and 500 GB or 1 TB new or used hard drive. You might also get an SSD in this build but as prices are continuously increasing, you might not get it in this range.

As far as GPU is concerned there are a lot of options to choose from. You can either get an RX 470 8 GB GPU or a RX 560 4 GB GPU. If you are lucky and find RX 480 8 GB GPU in the market, we would recommend you to opt for it as it performs slightly better than the 2 mentioned before.

This build would be equipped with a 450 PSU and a normal casing housing all these components.


Rs 50000 Budget Gaming PC:

Well I have covered this built before and you can check it out here. A slight modification can be that you might also be able to get your hands on to i7 3rd Gen processor in this range along with an SSD.

These are some of the components you can expect to get in builds under Rs 30000, Rs 40000 and Rs 50000 in Pakistan. To know more about budget builds and other things, stay connected with us.

Ahmar Faraz Khalil

Ahmar Faraz Khalil

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