For the last few years, Capcom has been observed on a rollover by continuously updating its critically received Resident Evil series. Previously they have upgraded some notable titles of the classical era to make it accessible in the modern era, including Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Capcom has not only teased its old fans through it, motivating them to get on board but also tempted millions of new fans with these best remakes of the generation. 

In their collaboration tweet, Team Capcom announced that they’re back in the field with the latest game of the Resident Evil series. However, this game has an exclusive title making it slightly different than the rest exclusively designed for Xbox Series X. Capcom team has also shown the first look of the first-ever IP, a brand-new after four years. This IP can lead to the most exceptional action-adventure game known as Pragmata. 

Resident Evil VillageResident Evil Village By Capcom

Storyline & Gameplay

The new story by Capcom called the Resident Evil Village is the sequel of Resident Evil 7 biohazard released in 2017. It was very appreciated worldwide for having the first-ever Resident Evil flagship title. This helped the players change his perspective by switching him directly in the hero’s shoes with a camera showing the first-person perspective. Players have access to choose the protagonist Ethan Winters whose testing his survival limits in a deadly village.

Features & Additions

In Resident Evil Village, by viewing the scenario through the first-person perspective, the game shows an emphasis on the gameplay, highlighting the element of action. This has set the standard for horror for the next-generation games. The visuals are highly photorealistic, focusing on the thrills of action. This game is all set to be released on Xbox Series X, particularly in early 2021.


Pragmata By Capcom

Storyline & Gameplay

One of the best games that took proper advantage of the next-generation platform is Pragmata. It is also an action-adventure game whose story profoundly presents a near-future dystopian world on the moon, breaking the deeper aspects. The developers, Capcom, have mentioned their aim to establish Pragmata as an integral brand as RE series. However, to experience this futuristic game, we have to wait for 2022, when it is released on Xbox Series X. 

Capcom has started adding innovation to its ideas as the launch next-generation consoles went official. All the RE fans can’t wait to play both of these thrilling games on Xbox Series X. You will be able to buy these on Out Gamers, on the prices lighter on your pocket than any other game providers.

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