Most people can get away with almost any surface as their mousepad, thanks to the several optical mice out there which work with most things you try them on. However, PC gamers need a lot more precision and control than an average user, and that’s mousepads become incredibly important here. And if you are getting yourself a mousepad, why not get an RGB one? It will compliment your setup nicely. Our list also makes sure you don’t break your bank when going for an RGB mousepad. So without further delay, let’s dive in. 

Redragon AURORA P010 mousepad

The Best RGB Mousepads under RS 5000

A leading name when it comes to budget gaming peripherals, Redragon offers the Aurora P010. Just like many other products of Redragon, the quality is solid on this one. The mousepad is also water-resistant, which makes it super easy to clean. The wire is detachable and braided. The surface is textured, and there are rubber grips on the back. The lighting is mostly uniform, and the hot spots aren’t much apparent. Additionally, it has three still color modes of red, green and blue with the option to change the strength of the lighting through five different levels. 

The downside here is that three still colors are less, especially since you can get more colors in the breathing and cycle mode. Regardless, the Redragon AURORA P010 is a solid choice in its price range. 

Bloody MP-50RS

The Best RGB Mousepads under RS 5000

Another brand famous under this price tag is Bloody, as they offer mice, headphones, and mouse pads at a pretty affordable price. The Bloody MP-50RS is a complete RGB mousepad with over 16.8 Million RGB Options. Unlike most budget RGB mousepads which utilize a button to change colors, Bloody MP-50RS uses a dedicated software to control the mousepad’s lighting. There are ten default RGB lighting options that help you to customize without any problems quickly. 

This mousepad also comes with a rubber base that prevents slipping, and the face of the mousepad uses a waterproof surface, providing ease in cleaning. The cable is braided which is nice to have Bloody claims that the mouse features a dual-layer waterproof coated fabric which would make your mice glide better.  

Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

The Best RGB Mousepads under RS 5000

To be fair, this option goes a little higher than our Rs 5000 limit, but since it was a good choice we included it anyway. The large version of the Havit RGB mousepad weighs only 1.55 pounds and is super thin, which makes it easy to roll and carry around with you. The Havit RGB pad is also well made, with stitching that ensures no separation takes place and rubberized material on the bottom to prevent slipping. The surface of the pad is also quite spill-resistant as it won’t soak up drinks when incidents happen. 

The top surface of the mouse offers acceptable performance. However, the Havit logo on the right bottom side is a little off the mark. It’s also not transparent, which hurts the aesthetics of the mouse. The lighting this mousepad comes with offer seven static light modes and seven dynamic modes, although it’s a bummer that there is no dedicated software to control the lighting.  

Fantech MPR350 Aurora 

The Best RGB Mousepads under RS 5000

The Fantech MPR350 Aurora comes with a detachable cable which is something great to have. With this RGB pad, the lighting options you get are red, yellow, green, blue, teal and purple. These colours are changed through a dedicated button, and there’s no software to control the RGB lighting. The lighting can also be set to give off a breathing effect. The surface of the mousepad is made out of cloth material which can cause problems with food and drinks, making it somewhat harder to clean. The logo on the top right also looks good with adds to the aesthetics of your setup.

If you would like a quality mouse to go with your setup, why not try our best gaming mouse under Rs 3000 list? 


Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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