Craving those retro games but don’t have the actual systems? Don’t you worry as the smartphone you are using right now is more than capable to emulate most retro games giving you a huge library to play with, on a single handheld device. Here we have gathered the 10 best emulators you can use to emulate retro systems on your android device. So let’s get started. 


Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android SmartphoneClassicBoy is an app which lets you play games from a variety of different systems. The number of systems supported is more than 8 which includes the PS1 and the GameBoy Advance. The performance is up to the mark and so far it has shown no problems running any game. ClassicBoy is a paid app but there is a free version which lets you emulate with limited functionality. 

DraStic DS Emulator

Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

If you are looking to emulate the Nintendo Ds than there is no better emulator than the DraStic DS. It comes with a variety of different features like customization and support for a hardware keyboard. Most Game Roms have absolutely no trouble running and it offers great performance. 


Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

Even people who have no idea about emulation might have heard the name ePSXe. It’s one of the most famous emulation apps and it delivers what it promises which is simply flawless performance. EPsXe also says that all you need to play is something with a 1Ghz single-core chipset and 256MB of RAM whereas for a smoother experience 1.2Ghz would be better paired with a 512MB of RAM. This app has no free version however is a solid choice for those looking to emulate PS1 titles.  


Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

Another famous PlayStation emulator, Fpse focuses more on customization than the ePSXe. With the FPse, you get a variety of plugins, an option to make the graphics better, tweak the framerates and the option to play through a hardware controller. The app also doesn’t cost much and comes with no in-app purchases. However, you can’t test the app since there’s no free version. If you can’t decide which app to pick for PS1 emulation, for more functionality go with FPse and for something simple that just works, go with ePSXe. 


Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

One of the emulators that is quite famous with smartphone gamers is the PPSSPP. If it wasn’t already apparent by the name, this app emulates the PSP and is one of the best one out there. PPSSPP is heavily optimized with a wide range of chipsets and works with medium to high-end smartphones. PPSSPP has a free version for you to try and it comes with ads. The paid version is ad-free and it’s recommended to try the free version before going for the pro one. 

Dolphin Emulator

Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

GameCube and Wii emulation hasn’t seen much success on the Android platform until Dolphin Emulator came as it’s the only one which delivers an acceptable performance. Since it supports both GameCube and Wii, ROMS from both systems can be run by Dolphin. The emulator still has bugs here and there but since the emulator is under development, these bugs won’t plague the emulator for long. You get the basic features such as save and load states and the emulator is also free so you can check it out if it works for you. 


Best Emulators to Play Retro Games on your Android Smartphone

RetroArch is again one of those emulators which can run a bunch of different systems for you. You download these systems as ‘cores’ which then run from the app. This app can get a little complicated with those using it for the first time. Another plus point is that this emulator is free which makes it a great choice. 


Thanks to emulators, as many of these, could be lost to time but instead, you can now play them in the palm of your hand.  Also, try to stay away from fake emulator apps on the Play Store which claims to emulate high-end consoles such as the PS3 or PS4 on android. And before buying out any emulator app be sure to try out the free version if it’s there, so you can have an idea if the purchase will be the right choice for you. We also got a list of best gaming phones under 15,000, so be sure to check it out too. 

Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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