When you want a keyboard that delivers quality and low price tag, you can find a whole range of options out there and grabbing one at a low price doesn’t seem much of a challenge. But are these budget keyboards worth your hard-earned money? So here we have a list of keyboards which delivery good features, have acceptable quality and will not empty your wallet.

Redragon Karura 2 K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit

Best Gaming keyboards under 5K

As soon as you take a look at this keyboard, one of the features that gets your attention is the generous wrist rest along with the non-slip adjustable rear feet which will help you in finding the optimum typing angle for you. The Redragon K502 features RGB LED keys which have 6 different lighting modes & effects. You also get the full numeric pad along with multi-functional which can be used as media buttons using the Fn key. 

The flip-up legs located at the top lack rubber grips which can make your keyboard slide around if the surface is too smooth but for us, it caused no problems. 

The backlit colours Redragon Karura offers you are:  red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, white, along with a no backlight mode. 

Asus Cerberus LED Color Backlit

Best Gaming keyboards under 5KThe Asus Cerberus has a steel plate at its core which keeps everything in place, acting as a spine. The keys have a rubber impact, but feel good and are usually silent. The Asus Cerberus is also claimed to be splashproof by Asus and the test confirms it. Water will drain through the drain holes and will not hinder your usage of the keyboard. However, coffee or tea should be avoided as they would make everything a little sticky.

The keyboard gives you two backlit options, the classic red and blue. These options are a little limited considering the price and what other keyboards in the same range are offering. 

T-DAGGER Submarine Wired Gaming Keyboard T-TGK205

Best Gaming keyboards under 5K

The T-DAGGER T-TGK205 has a huge frame and can occupy a lot of space on your desk. The  24 anti-ghosting keys the keyboard offers are splash-proof and have smooth-beveled edges which delivers a smooth experience while typing. The keyboard also features backlighting for when you are gaming in the dark.

The T-TGK205 is durable and the keys have detachable caps which will aid in easy cleaning. Additionally, the keys have passed the 10,000,000 keystroke test which is further proof of their durability. You also get independent multimedia keys which really is a nice option to have for a keyboard at this price range. 

Redragon S101-1 Gaming Mouse & Gaming Keyboard Combo

Best Gaming keyboards under 5K

Redragon S101-1 has come up with a keyboard-mouse combo for all those people looking for good compatibility and budget options. The combo is affordable and has backlit designs that do their work in the dark. The keys feature anti-ghosting properties and the breathing effect can be altered by adjusting its time and brightness level.  


Best Gaming keyboards under 5K

How a keyboard click is really important to many users and the RII RK100 will at least not disappoint you there. The keys have a mechanical feel and the distance a key travels when clicked feels great. The keyboard also doesn’t take much space on your desk as it measures 43cm by 13.6cm. Windows also had no problems recognizing it and as soon as it was plugged, it was ready to go.

By the help of a USB-C adapter, you could also hook up this keyboard with an iPad Pro which is something you may not need, but it’s nice to have. The keyboard also weighs only 622 grams which makes it quite light, if you do need to take it with you. You also get 3 colour choices which are Red, Blue, and Purple.

The switch keys offer no customization at all, but at this price range, we really can’t complain. The keyboard also feels a little weak as there is no steel plating no fortify it’s back.

If you want a sweet budget mouse under the range of 3k, be sure to visit here.

Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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