Controllers have become the essential gaming elements since some games feel natural on a joystick rather than a mouse and a keyboard. Moreover, the keyboard’s directional buttons don’t give the accuracy in movement which a controller’s analogue can provide. Every person has his own opinion and reason for leaning on each side. However, some people want to enjoy the best out of everything.

Most people prefer many games, including GTA, Halo, FIFA, Asphalt, etc. more on controllers than any mechanical keyboard and mouse. It feels effective using a controller which needs a single button for implementing an action rather than using several keys for just one action.

We have compiled some of these controllers which you can buy in Pakistan under Rs. 10,000, giving you smoother gameplay.


Steam Controller

Price: Rs. 9000

Steam is one of the first things that comes to the mind of a PC gamer when considering buying games. What most people are unaware of is that you can buy controllers from Steam also. The best thing about the Steam controller is that it is supported with your PC and also your TV. 

This controller has dual-stage triggers which you can use as either digital or analogue and even as both types at the same time. Steam Controller is well-equipped with HD haptic feedback, dual trackpad, back grip buttons, dual-stage triggers, and fully-customizable control schemes.

This is the perfect medium for those people who tend to play games over Steam. It also allows you even to play games that aren’t supported with controllers. 


  • Ideal for playing games exclusive for Steam.
  • To access Steam easily, there is a Steam launch button.
  • You can customize it even for games which don’t support controllers.


  • It is hard to adjust, being different from traditional controllers.
  • There isn’t any warranty guaranteed. 
  • You won’t like this controller, especially for FPS games; however, after some fixings, it may be used again. 

Check out the product here.


Xbox One Wireless 

Price: Rs. 6,900

One of the best controllers you can buy for playing games over the Xbox network through your PC or your console is the Xbox One Wireless controller. This Xbox controller can be operated wirelessly having built-in headphone jack of around 3.5 mm to chat with your teammates. 

The ideal aspect of this controller is the vibration feedback. 

Xbox has designed many different versions of this controller, suiting the needs of every gamer.


  • The familiarity of controls making it easy to be adjusted.
  • Works with both PC and Xbox devices as well. 
  • Its ergonomic feature is what makes it perfect.


  • Experiencing higher latency over Bluetooth. 
  • No guarantee provided.

Check out the product here.

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GameSir Bluetooth 

Price: Rs. 4800

One of the most versatile controllers on this list based on compatibility is the GameSir Bluetooth. There are multiple ways to connect this controller which include: 

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz USB dongle. 
  • Regular wired connection.

You can use this controller with Android tablets, mobiles, TV, PS3, PS4, and also with Windows PC. This controller has a mobile holder supporting 3.5-6-inch mobiles with adjustable angles varying from 110 to 150 degrees.

The GameSir controller is equipped with different features including 360-degree joystick control, pressure-sensitive D-pad, Auto-Fire button, etc. 


  • Different ways to connect.
  • Highly ergonomic in design. 
  • supporting smartphones having built-in stands
  • Successfully bears more than a million keystrokes.


  • High latency observed on wireless to PC.
  • No guarantee confirmed.

Check out the product here.

SteelSeries Stratus XL 

Price: 8,990

SteelSeries is a well-known brand for its compatibility and reliability. Similar to many of its products, SteelSeries Stratus XL is highly compatible with many different apple ecosystem devices, including Mac, Apple TV, iOS devices, etc.

This controller has a dedicated application for customization. It is ideally designed for people surrounded by the Apple Ecosystem. All the other gaming needs, including ergonomic design, comforts, etc. are considered.

This controller has a high-powered Li-Ion battery that can boost up to 40 hours of your gaming, charging through the lightning connector. 


  • Higher playtime.
  • For high customization, there are dedicated applications.
  • Ideal for people linked to the Apple Ecosystem.


  • Many customers have faced problems when returning to this device.

Check out the product here.

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