Due to the ongoing pandemic a lot of people want to buy a gaming PC. So, this time the Out Gamers brings you a gaming PC under a much lower budget. Now of course this setup will not fulfill all your gaming needs but will allow you to play most of the popular games in low or medium graphics settings with decent fps.

Some of the parts used for this build are used parts as you all know that prices of PC components are quite high in Pakistan and this time we are on a tight budget so it’s better to buy some used parts. This PC is going to cost you guys almost Rs.25000


The processor we are going to use in this build is the i5-2500K which is a quad-core processor and comes with a base frequency of 3.30GHz (Max Turbo Frequency is 3.70 GHz) and 6 MB Intel® Smart Cache.

Talking about its performance it is the best processor available in this budget. Despite being released in 2011, it is still a decent processor and can help you run most of your PC games and you will not face any bottleneck with 2GB and most of the 4 GB Graphic Cards.

You can buy a used i5-2500K from any good computer shop in Pakistan between Rs.3500 – Rs.4000.

If you are not able to get this processor, then you can buy the i5-2400 which has almost the same price and performance.

Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs 25000 (Used parts)You can buy a simple LGA1155 Socket motherboard(used) for this processor which is going to cost you almost Rs.2000. The motherboard I will suggest is ASUS H61M-E which is a simple motherboard and have 2 DDR3 RAM slots.

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Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs 25000 (Used parts)In this budget, when buying graphic card, we have 2 options: RX 460 4GB or GTX 750 Ti. You can buy either one of them, but I personally would prefer the RX 460 4 GB since its slightly better. You can buy a used RX 460 4GB or GTX 750 Ti for almost Rs.10000 and a new RX 460 4GB will cost you approximately Rs.15000.

If you want to order online you can buy it from here


Talking about RAM, 8 GB of RAM is good enough to run most of the games but keeping in mind our budget we will buy a used RAM this time. 8 GB of RAM is going to cost you almost Rs.2-3000.

You can also buy a new one for almost Rs.4000 or Rs.5000

If you want to order online you can buy from here


Now of course we cannot use an SSD this time due to our low budget. Considering our budget, we will buy a 500 GB used HDD which will almost cost Rs.3000 but keeping in mind the size and storage space required for most of the new games 500GB might not be enough. So, if you can go a little over the budget, I will suggest buying a 1TB HDD.


Best Budget Gaming PC Under Rs 25000 (Used parts)In my opinion, this is the most important component when buying a PC so always buy a reliable and branded Power Supply and try not to buy a used PSU.

A 400W or 450W Thermaltake or Cooler Master PSU is enough for this PC which will almost cost Rs.4000.

Order Power Supply from here

I hope you guys find this article useful and if you still want to know how this PC will perform in different games, here are benchmark videos you guys can check.


i5-2500K+RX460 4GB:

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