Most people don’t realize how bad a generic mouse can affect your gameplay. If you are working in an office, the generic mouse might get your work done, but when it comes to gaming, getting a great mouse becomes even more important. 

Now the problem for this price range is that many mice in these price range seem to be generic Chinese mice which offer little to no functionality. So we have dug up mice under 3000 Rs that won’t break your bank but do offer some functionality in return. 

Logitech G300s

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Just under 3KThe Logitech G300s is a mouse that is made for people with small hands. Although comfortable, the ambidextrous design is not everyone’s cup of tea as the top buttons can be a little uncomfortable to reach while you are in the middle of a game.  

However, the mouse has great click latency, and those using a claw grip will find it easier on this mouse. When stepping up from a generic desktop mouse, you will feel the difference straight away. We agree there are far better mice in this price range with a lot more features, but the Logitech G300s gets the job done for both office use and gaming on a budget. 

Pros Cons
Dual Rubber Grips Uncomfortable for large hands
Professional Logitech Software Gets a little sweaty after prolonged use
RGB Lighting (8 colours)

Redragon M607 Griffin

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Just under 3K

The Reddragon M607 Griffin is a wired gaming mouse that offers a great level of customization. The mouse is aimed at people who want to ditch their generic mouse and get serious at competitive gaming. It is comfortable enough to play for extended periods, thanks to the ergonomic design it presents. 

It has a 7200 DPI which is more than most budget gaming mice, offering accurate tracking and control with precision. The colour changes with every DPI, and there is a dedicated button to change the DPI. It also comes with software that can get quite buggy at times but gets the job done. 

Pros Cons
7 optimized programmable buttons (Total 8 buttons) Buggy software 
7 RGB color modes, lighting, and breathing effects
Textured scroll to prevent skidding


Best Budget Gaming Mouse Just under 3K

The REDRAGON M601 has stayed a fan favourite for quite some time due to its red colour. The bright red colour can catch most people’s attention and goes great if you are going with the traditional red and black setup. This mouse is not only light on your wallet but also offers good value for money. 

Along with the red aesthetics, the mouse has a great design in terms of comfort. The REDRAGON M601 offers an ergonomic design which ensures comfort during those long gaming sessions. The Teflon feet are also really smooth, which ensures you have a friction-free experience. 

There is one thing you should check before going for the REDRAGON M601, the handgrip. The design, although ergonomic, can cause wrist aches if the mouse doesn’t feel comfortable in your hands. Another problem with the REDRAGON M601 is that it offers a maximum DPI of 3200 while other gaming mice in the same budget range offer a lot more. 

Pros Cons
Adjustable weight through a weight tuning set (8 pieces) Gaming Mouse in this range have better DPI
Has 5 programmable buttons
Ergonomic design ensures efficiency
Smooth Teflon feet

T-DAGGER Sergeant T-TGM202 Gaming Mouse

Best Budget Gaming Mouse Just under 3K

The T-DAGGER Sergeant is a very good all-rounder. We get a max DPI of 7200 which is a lot higher than the Logitech G203 Prodigy’s 6000 DPI. The high DPI of 7200 can be way too sensitive for some people, and that’s why there are two buttons for adjusting the DPI, located near the mouse buttons. There are also multiple polling rates such as 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz. It also comes with seven programmable buttons. 

When it comes to the design, you can’t go wrong with the T-DAGGER Sergeant T-TGM202 as its design is made by keeping the gaming aesthetics in mind. It has these ergonomic curves and angles that keep the design cool to have but not over the top. However, the cable could have been better. 

Pros Cons
Great performance Cable feels a bit cheap
Affordable pricing
Aesthetically pleasing

These were mice we found worth picking in the 3000 Rs range. You can get a lot more if you have a little more cash to spare. Read on our Budget gaming mouse list right here, which includes mice from Razer, SteelSeries and more.

Yasir Raees Khan

Yasir Raees Khan

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