Battlefield 2042: First Trailer and Release Date of the Game
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Battlefield 2042: First Trailer and Release Date of the Game

by Hafsa Asim

The sequel in the Battlefield game series was officially announced on Wednesday, after quite some gossip on the part of Battlefield community and some joshing from EA DICE. The next in line battlefield game is going to be known as “Battlefield 2042”, and as the name hints, the new game will be set in the future where the superpowers will be at each other’s throats while the failed nations will suffer just as in any other war situation.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

The game will be officially out on October 22 and will be available to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC via Steam, Epic Game Store, and Origin. The game trailer depicted a gruesome reality and painted a horrible and enthralling picture that left us wanting more. Here is a teaser.

After the release of the first trailer in the past week, EA has followed up by releasing teasers of the game. The trailer of Battlefield 2042 has given us a pique of what the players can expect from the game.

Non-Patriated Specialists

In the year 2042, superpowers such as Russia and the US will be the only main allies for “Non-Patriated” or “No-Pats” players to side with. The role of “non-patriated” specialists compromises the people belonging to the fallen nations, where necessities such as food and water, and resources are limited or are on the brink of ruin. The superpowers give these non-pats a chance at choosing an ally and a have a shot at a survivable future.

No-Pats “specialists” are referred to as such because EA took the inspiration from the classic battlefield class-based structure of combatants. The roles of specialists in Battlefield 2042 are from the following four main categories:

  • Recon
  • Assault
  • Support
  • Engineer

For each specific Specialist, there will be access to a unique ability and trait according to the class they belong to. Players can expect 10 specialists at the beginning of the game, with four of them already been associated with their respective classes- one for each class – to expose their distinctive “ability” tools like grappling hooks, recon drones, and more.

Battlefield 2042 Maps and Modes

The game will contain three main modes:

  • All-Out Warfare: a customary multiplayer mode that contains two unique experiences called “Breakthrough” and “Conquest”.
  • Hazard Zone
  • Yet to be announced

Seven maps will be available for players to dive into at launch that comprises everything from rocket launches to hazardous twisters. Pre-orders for the game are live now at Best Buy.

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