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Battlefield 2042 Beta Dates Seemingly Leak

by Hafsa Asim

Open beta dates for Battlefield 2042 were revealed before any announcement from either Electronic Arts or developer Dice. while there is the question of the legitimacy of these dates, there also is the way that these dates were released. The dates for the open beta for Battlefield 2042 were revealed in a way that makes us things that they might be legitimate. 

A Chinese video website Bilibili let us through the fact that  Battlefield 2042 beta is set to kick off next week on October 6 and will run till October 9. Except for the dates nothing else related to the beta was given; nothing about how the actual event will roll. 

Given the fact that Electronic Arts does have an official Battlefield 2042 streaming page on Bilibili, so there is a good chance for these dates to appear on the said page seems to suggest that this leak is very much legitimate.

As was said before, one issue with these dates is that they insinuate that the beta event will end on October 9, which is a Saturday. However, the history of EA and Dice bears evidence that such events go throughout the weekend. On that grounds, there’s a chance that the October 6 through 9th dates could instead indicate that an early access phase of the beta could be available to certain groups. For one thing, some players might get early access from publishers as they pre-ordered the game. 

All in all, we will have to wait until an official announcement from EA and DICE to know for certain if this leak is true, but in all likelihood, we should hear more on this matter in the very near future. Until then, you can continue to plan to see Battlefield 2042 as a whole release later this fall on November 19 for PS 5, PS4 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. 

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