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Baldo Gets Hotflix Version Claiming to Fix All Gitches & Bugs

by Sadaf Ahmed

Baldo: The Guardian Owls didn’t get much appreciation during its initial release on Switch, along with other primary consoles because the first patch had numerous issues including various bugs and glitches.

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Baldo Hotflix

Most notable gaming analysts delayed their reviews as they waited for the second release i.e the hotflix. Naps Team developers of the game are now releasing another patch. It’s simply titled “Hotfix 2” and apparently resolves all remaining “known” bugs and glitches.

Unfortunately, it seems many other bugs are still lurking about in the game, with a number of other game-crashing glitches still being reported by gamers.


Baldo: The Guardian Owls is a beautiful looking funfilled adventure that draws you in with its wonderful art style and atmosphere and then beats you into submission with its bewildering gameplay.

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