Bad News For Xbox Game Pass Subscribers
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Bad News For Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

by Hafsa Asim

Xbox Game Pass subscribers all around the globe seemed excited when EA Play merged with Xbox Game Pass, after a trial period that costs Subscribers $15 a month for access to Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and xCloud streaming. In other words, a pretty decent deal, but most people thought otherwise and found a loophole to hold onto their money on Game Pass Ultimate- Microsoft’s premiere subscription service.  

Let’s just say that gamers who were more inventive, made an even better deal out of it. Their trick was quite basic:  You had the same accessibility for 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate as you could for one year of EA Play. Whereas one year of EA Play would cost you $30, you could snatch Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for half the price, cutting the monthly subscription rate to $7.50.

Upsetting News For Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

That is a pretty compelling deal bearing in mind all the games—from EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, and many other developers and publishers both major and minor—the cloud streaming and the Xbox Live Gold online service.

Just as anything, this crazy yet innovative loophole strategy ended as Microsoft’s EA Play FAQ now reads: “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be extended by 10 days on one month of EA Play, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be extended by 2 months on a one-year EA Play code.”

Let’s do some math here to make sense of how Xbox game pass and EA Play work now;
1 year EA Play = $30,
2 months Game Pass Ultimate = $30,
Therefore, the service pricing has been brought to parity.

For those of who, this is news then join the club. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make much difference as the games are always enthralling and we all enjoy them regardless of any loopholes.

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