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Apex Legends Patch Includes Fix for Recent Crashes

by Hafsa Asim

Apex Legends’ server problems have pushed Respawn Entertainment to take action. After working on server problems of Apex Legends, the developers released a new update for the game on Wednesday in hopes of fixing the problems players have been encountering since the start of the Evolution event. The updates were downloaded before any official announcement from Respawn Entertainment, but shortly afterward, the developers released some patch notes updating players on all the changes and fixes in the game. 

In addition, to the new updates in the patch notes for Apex Legends, there was a solution that was supposed to resolve crashing errors players were experiencing, however, it doesn’t eliminate the chances of crashes. 

Apex Legends and Banner Pose Discussion 

As for the whole banner pose discussion, it stemmed from a post on Reddit where someone claimed to have found the issue behind all the crashes following the update. As a solution, the word got around to remove their animated banners from Legends’ customization options to prevent crashes. While it initially seemed like a funky placebo effect to many, it appears there was some merit to the workaround after all.

In a Reddit post, the game designer of Apex Legends, Jordan Rapp stated that it is unclear, after looking at the codes, as to how epic (animated) banner poses should trigger these crashes. He further went on and stated that the original post claiming that epic banners were triggering crashes, is believable because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don’t try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn’t apply. However, since other posts have not reported the same problems, this might not be 100% true. 

Respawn extended the first ranked split of the Apex Legends season to make up for the server problems, so players have a few more days to grind out their points now before we shift to the second and final ranked split.

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