AMD W6800, W6600, and W6600M announced
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AMD’s Reply to Nvidia – AMD W6800, W6600, and W6600M Announced

by Yasir Khan

In today’s time where GPU shortage is at an all-time high, AMD announced a powerhouse of a GPU at competitive prices. The W6800 and the W6600 priced at $2249 and $649 respectively, are made to compete with Nvidia’s top lineup. The prices although seem reasonable for a powerhouse such as this beast, however, most of the consumers won’t be able to get it at MSRP due to several different factors. 

AMD W6800, W6600, and W6600M – What do they deliver?

AMD W6800, W6600, and W6600M announced

All of these three cards are built around AMD’s 7nm RDNA 2 architecture and will have complete support for ISV driver certification. This is due to the nature of work these cards will be involved in such as engineering or professional applications. 

AMD W6800 ‘Navi 21’ Workstation Graphics Card

The AMD Radeon Pro W6800 is the face of this GPU lineup and is an absolute beast of a card with 32GB of high-speed ECC GDDR6 RAM. It comes with over 27 billion transistors and will be able to deliver performance up to 1,783 TFlops due to the 3,840 stream processors in 60 compute units. Six 4K displays won’t be a problem for this card to handle while two 8K displays are supported. Ray-tracing is also exceptional with over 60 hardware ray-tracing processors. 

AMD Radeon PRO W6600 ‘Navi 23’ Workstation Graphics Card

The more affordable option of the series,  AMD Radeon Pro W6600, comes with about 8GB of non-ECC GDDR6 RAM but holds the same architecture as its more powerful sibling. This GPU will be able to support up to 4 4K displays and 1 8K display, and has about 28 ray-tracing accelerators. 

AMD Radeon PRO W6600M ‘Navi 23’ Workstation Graphics Card

The W6600M is made for laptops with similar specs and its performance will vary depending on how OEMs configure it. 


AMD's Reply to Nvidia - AMD W6800, W6600, and W6600M Announced

Although the performance of this new lineup is similar to the Rx 6000 series, the design is way different. Made for workstations, the Radeon Pro W6800 will have a blower cooler instead of an open cooler. The card will come with 6  mini-DisplayPort outputs which can handle up to 5120×2880 resolutions. All of these ports will be supporting DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC. 

Price and Availability

Observing the current situation of the market right now, these cards will be hard to get a hands on, and even if they are available the prices will be blown off the roof. This means it’s impossible to say right now if the cards will offer a good value. For gamers, the 6000 series cards might be the better option as they would offer more value. AMD says that the card production will be started as soon as possible and the first laptop to come with the  W6600M will be the HP Fury ZBook G8 mobile workstation, available for consumers in July. 

AMD Radeon PRO W6000 Series Workstation Graphics Specifications

ModelStream ProcessorsTFLOPSGDDR6 ECC MemoryMemory BandwidthMemory InterfaceDisplay Outputs
AMD Radeon PRO W68003840
(60 CUs)
Up to 17.83 (FP32)
Up to 35.66 (FP16)
@ 16 Gbps
512 GB/s256-bit6x Mini-DisplayPort™ 1.4
AMD Radeon PRO W66001792
(28 CUs)
Up to 10.4 (FP32)
Up to 20.8 (FP16)
@ 14 Gbps
224 GB/s128-bit4x DisplayPort 1.4
AMD Radeon PRO W6600M1792
(28 CUs)
Up to 10.4 (FP32)
Up to 20.8 (FP16)
@ 14 Gbps
224 GB/s128-bitSpecific to laptop implementation

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