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ActRaiser SNES 90’s Legendary Title Gets Remastered This September

by Sadaf Ahmed

Actraiser, a legendary title from the 90s gaming era has gotten renaissance, finally launched for PlayStation 4 and Switch players, this September 24th. 


Actraiser Renaissance

This famous cult classic game by Super NES has been completely remade in high definition, and features the original soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro. Moreover, the updates include vibrant visuals, new stages and several powerful boss battles.

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Actraiser basically is a combination of two modes. Initially it is a 2D platforming action where you fight monsters with swordsmanship and magic, later you’ll come across a city-building phase where you must manage the development of your burgeoning society in the ultimate battle between good and evil. 


Although the PS Store hadn’t officially put it out for sale at the time of publication, yet the game is expected to drop very soon.

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