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Guerrilla Collective Showcase: The Best 8 Nintendo Games To Watch Out

by Sadaf Ahmed

Guerrilla Collective Showcase has just started last week with its first showcase of the summer and the second day was also a big hit held on 12th June 2021. The event was full of indie games, bringing the whole year of entertainment with its back-to-back streams. 

Games of Guerrilla Collective Showcase

There are many gaming projects that are designated only for PC, PS, or other particular platforms. However, there are several games releasing on Nintendo gadgets also. we have skimmed through all the announcements and here we are picking 8 tempting titles to catch for your Nintendo Switch or Switch.

Akatori (2022)

This game was previously named Deathstick, being clearly a promising 2D Metroidvania. The theory behind the name is the combination of two Japanese words, ”Akai”, meaning “red” and “Tori” which means “bird”, combining to form Red Bird. You swap between parallel universes, exploring and fighting as you try to save the world; the footage has certainly got us interested.

Archvale (2021)

This Idoz-developed title is being published by Humble Games, so has a good shot at being quite a high-profile Switch eShop release. This top-down ‘Intense Bullet Hell Action’ game has a neat fantasy setting and some rather crisp pixel-style visuals.

Arietta of Spirits (Summer 2021)

Another interesting title being published by Red Art Games. It’s an adventure game that promises an ’emotion-filled narrative’ along with interesting characters. The visuals look rather charming with some combat to keep things moving along; apparently, it’s not far off, either.

Batora: Lost Haven

A title we caught a glimpse of during the recent Indie Live Expo, Batora: Lost Haven is an intriguing sci-fi tale that plays out through an isometric angle. Its blend of hack ‘n slash and bullet hell could be a lot of fun indeed, and it certainly has a distinct sense of style.

BATS the Game

Seemingly a freshly announced title, this is a 2D action title in which you play as Count Bloodvayne, though apparently, you pick up more characters as you go. It is basically pixelated gore and action, but you’ll have fun for sure.

Black Book

Games can do a wonderful job of introducing new story ideals and cultures to players, and perhaps Black Book will achieve this. Originally planned for 2020, it seems to blend exploration with storytelling and card-based battles; it’s based on Slavic myths as humans live alongside mythological creatures.

Death Trash

This is “an action role-playing game with combat, stealth, dialogue, inventory, attributes, skills, item crafting, and psi powers” – plenty going on then. We really like the visuals and admittedly grim world of this one, here’s hoping they can get this out once the dark winter months have set in.

Firegirl (2021)

Published by Thunderful and developed by Dejima Games, this is immediately eye-catching. A 2D title with gorgeous visuals, you tackle a range of fires will little more than a trusty ax and water hose, albeit there will be upgrade options. The movement looks like a lot of fun, and we’re very keen to see how this shapes up on Switch.

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